Jonathan Hanson Creates E-Commerce & Social Media Product Explainers For Craftsman

Unrivaled photographer, Jonathan Hanson, photographed Craftsman latest e-commerce and explainer video content for the website and Lowes.

Director and photographer, Jonathan Hanson, worked with CRAFTSMAN to create explainer content. Americans have been using CRAFTSMAN tools for generations and are apart of any do-it yourself tool bench. He worked with them as their e-commerce and social media video production partner, creating photography and explainer videos for their website and e-commerce retailers like Lowes and Home Depot. We crafted each video to help ensure that potential customers can fully understand what CRAFTSMAN has to offer. Using in-situation demonstrations at a large wood working workshop in Baltimore, MD, we created a studio workflow that allowed us to show off the different work situations while efficiently capturing photography and video for the entire v20, battery operated, product line. Our team has expertise in creating video and photography productions for home improvement brands, like Craftsman, DeWalt and Porter-Cable, adhering to the safety standards and product use scenarios set forth by the brands. In order for the work to feel authentic and represent the use cases customers may be looking for, we collaborated with contractors and product designers on set. These experts have experience in leveraging the unique features and benefits of the brand’s products which can influence customers during the consideration stage of their purchase. The resulting work is smart, strong, and effective. You can see the full project on our website or see the it live on the CRAFTSMAN website.

A Craftsman saw cuts through wood during an e-commerce and explainer video production in Baltimore, MD.

A Craftsman battery operated saw in use during an e-commerce and explainer video and photography production in Baltimore, MD.

Home improvement brands like Craftsman need industry marketing expertise to create effective marketing strategies that can connect with their target audience, stay competitive in the industry, and drive sales. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a campaign that is product or brand driven, it needs to connect to the purchase journey your customers are in. This will help build authentic relationships with them and cultivate brand advocates. Trust is one of the most important emotions a brand can create and it starts with accurately portraying your brand.

Jonathan Hanson is a photographer in Baltimore and New York City and photographed Craftsman e-commerce photos like this image of a drill.