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A runner runs across the street in Chicago as part of a fitness and beauty influencer campaign for Brooks Running produced by Unrivaled.
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A fitness influencer laces up her Brooks running shoes as part of a national ad campaign produced by Unrivaled, an NYC based production company.

The Challenge

Brooks Running, a leader in athletic footwear, is dedicated to enhancing the transformative power of running with their mission to make every day better with a run. In their quest to connect with a broader audience, including casual runners and fitness enthusiasts, Brooks Running introduced three new shoe lines specifically designed to meet the needs of this emerging segment. Our team was tasked with creating a complicated video and photography production in order to create visuals that were used in e-commerce, social media campaigns, in store displays, and billboards all aimed at showcasing these innovative products.

What We Provided

Full Service Photography & Video Production

We created the Brooks Influencer Lab where we brought ten social media influencers across fitness, beauty and wellness categories to Chicago to create a national, integrated campaign that would launch the Energize Collection. Influencers were strategically chosen to appeal to this new audience, not hardcore runners.

We hosted an influencer dinner where we captured video content and facilitated product education with the Brooks’ product team. The next day we produced a motion and stills shoot with three concurrent sets, creating 172 unique campaign assets, including a brand anthem.

The campaign launched with an in-store consumer activations including an experiential, high-tech treadmill for potential customers to test the product and engage with brand reps. Once launched into the mainstream, the campaign lived on billboards in Times Square and Hollywood, in stores at Foot Locker, Six02, and Hibbets Sports as well as 14 social media accounts.

A model and fitness creator poses with her fitness gear and Brooks Running shoes in warehouse studio for e-commerce photographer, Jonathan Hanson, in Chicago.
An athlete warms up before her morning run in an ad campaign for Brooks Running that was shot in Chicago by New York photographer and director Jonathan Hanson.
A fitness model poses in downtown Chicago for a shoot with Brooks Running, captured by Jonathan Hanson, a photographer and director on the roster at Unrivaled, a production company in Chicago.
Two sports influencers pose for an e-commerce shoot in a warehouse studio in Chicago. Photography produced by Jonathan Hanson, a photographer represented by Unrivaled, a production company in Chicago and New York.
A man and woman are pictured next to another athlete, jumping high in a studio for an e-commerce company. Jonathan Hanson, a photographer represented by Unrivaled, capture the images.
Two athletes energetically pose against a pick and blue back drop in a warehouse in Chicago as part of a social media campaign with influencers. photos were also used in e-commerce. Photographed by Jonathan Hanson.
Beauty and fitness video production with the worlds most popular influencers for Brooks Running. Produced in Chicago.
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