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Me Again

We had the privilege of collaborating with apparel brand, lululemon on a video and photography production for social media use. A brand celebrated for its dedication to wellness and personal growth both on and off the yoga mat. The social media campaign,”Me Again,” embodies the core values of lululemon, while emphasizing the importance of  letting go through meditation, self-discipline, self-discovery and trust. This campaign captures the transformative journey of triathlete Esther Collinetti, a Lululemon Ambassador and fitness influencer, as she rediscovers herself through the discipline of training. Esther’s story is a powerful testament to the idea that fitness is not just a physical pursuit but a gateway to finding oneself anew. “When I was putting on my shoes or going for my bike ride or swim, I parked my life and I was me again,” says Esther.


Influencer marketing creative production company Unrivaled, based in New York.
Influencer marketing for sports and apparel brands in New York City.
Branded content production in New York for lululemon and apparel brands.
Corporate photographer in New York City.
Corporate and branded photography for Washington D.C. companies.
Sports photography production services in Maryland and New York.

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