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Unrivaled is a video and photography production company for fitness and wellness brands. We have a roster of talented artists across the U.S.

The Challenge

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Onelife Fitness, a prominent U.S. gym chain, on an innovative fitness marketing campaign to launch their New Year initiatives. Recognizing that health and fitness resolutions generate significant competition among gyms during this peak season, our strategy was to stand out through engaging storytelling rather than competing on price alone. Our video and content production team crafted a narrative that emphasized the unique value Onelife Fitness offers to its members’ daily lives. By adopting a playful and accessible approach, we provided comprehensive social media content production and creative strategy services.

The campaign, titled “For Your Life,” was meticulously designed to resonate on various social media platforms, showcasing how Onelife Fitness enhances real-life moments through fitness. The end result was not just content but an experience that aligns with the motivational journeys of its members, underpinning the transformative impact of fitness with relatable, everyday scenarios. This approach not only differentiated Onelife Fitness in a crowded market but also reinforced its commitment to supporting personal health and well-being through our expert content production.

What We Provided:

Full Service Video & Photography Production. Creative Direction. Full Service Post Production.

Our creative production team delved into common daily routines to illustrate the direct correlation between gym exercises and real-life activities at home and in the workplace. Maintaining a home requires upkeep and work demands time, but engaging in fitness remains entirely within your control, serving as essential fuel to conquer all other aspects of life. Employing a video production technique known as match cutting, we crafted creative concepts that fluidly connected these two realms. Each segment of our social media video production was intricately designed to demonstrate how Onelife Fitness provides the necessary tools to enhance your lifestyle. This approach highlighted the practical benefits of fitness while reinforcing Onelife Fitness’s commitment to helping members achieve their best lives.

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